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This Jakarta travel blog is full of the best things to do in Jakarta, and there are a lot of fun things to do in Indonesia's largest metropolis.

The Jakarta Attraction Guide also includes a list of some of Jakarta's best attractions, as well as a guide to the city's most popular attractions. Read the full list of family attractions in Jakarta in our previous article, which tells you all about Jakarta for families.

In addition to the thousands of islands, we also recommend visiting the national monument on your own, probably for paragliding or just walking around the tea plantations, visiting Kebun Raya and some of Indonesia's most popular tourist attractions, such as Gunung Besar National Park. You can also take a guided tour of the city's many museums and historical sites, as well as the many parks. Besides the views of Jakarta, you can also see many dioramas depicting the history of Australia and Indonesia, so you can learn about them in a different way than if you were visiting a national park or museum.

Other top sights in Jakarta are also worth seeing, but you can break them down according to your own wishes. Try to explore as many of them as you can, whether you visit the Monas or walk around Fatahillah Square.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is an interesting place in Jakarta that is suitable for families. It is dedicated to the education and early detection of children who live directly with animals. Here again is a very practical and helpful application that you can download and use when visiting Jakarta and other places in Indonesia: Go - Jek.

This museum in the south of Jakarta has the smallest dragon collection in Indonesia and the world. Just outside Merdeka Square is one of Jakarta's most popular tourist attractions: the Dragon Museum. This is the oldest zoo in Indonesia and is located right next to the main entrance to Jakarta International Airport. Why it's so great: There are many different animal species in this zoo, such as elephants, rhinos, tigers, leopards, kangaroos, gorillas, etc.

This is a great place to spend a lazy day visiting some of Jakarta's busiest attractions, and it is easy enough to reach all of Jakarta's major attractions on foot or by public transport. If you like Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, you can visit it in one day, so be sure to visit these places as soon as you reach them. The area is home to a number of popular tourist attractions, including Jakarta International Airport, Merdeka Square and many other tourist destinations.

If you have limited time in Indonesia and would like to see the archipelago, you can visit Taman Mini - Indonesia. This is a great way to take a trip outside Jakarta and see a completely different side of the Indonesia region, and it will show you why this sprawling park is one of the top tourist attractions in Jakarta. If you want to experience Indonesian culture in a place that is far from the city's main tourist areas, such as Merdeka Square, Mini Indonesia Indah is the place to go if you head down to the main entrance, which is said to be the only park in the country.

You shouldn't confuse it with the shopping town of Grand Indonesia, but there is a shop called "Alun Alun Indonesia" where you can find some of the truly Indonesian souvenirs for your family and friends at home (consider it quite expensive). But that stuff is ok to buy).

Monas is also known as Monumen Nasional and is a great symbol of Jakarta and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jakarta.

Why it's so great: It's one of Jakarta's most popular tourist attractions and a great example of Indonesia's cultural diversity and diversity in the world.

So if you're on a budget and you're travelling to Jakarta, this is the perfect place for some adrenaline-fuelled activities. If you are looking for fun in Jakarta, Menteng is one of the best places to have fun, and Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) is a great place for visitors from Jakarta and abroad who want to travel to Jakarta. Why it's so great: The mini Jakarta Inda or "Indah" Is one of my favourite sights in Indonesia And when I was out with kids, it's a great place to visit.

The main attraction of Fatahillah Square is the Jakarta History Museum, known as the Museum of the Sejarah ("Jakarta" in Indonesian). Menteng is one of Jakarta's most popular tourist attractions and also a great place to find colossal religious structures.

This mosque is strategically located and can be a great place to visit and also walk to the neighboring Monas. Merdeka Square is one of Jakarta's most popular tourist attractions and also a religious tourist destination to visit. When you are at the mosque, take time to visit the Sejarah Museum, the National Museum and the Jakarta History Museum in Menteng.

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