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Lunar New Year is greeted with a holiday and a nationwide series of celebrations. The Cap'n Go - Meh celebration celebrates the end of the New Year celebrations fifteen days before the Lunar New Year.

Veterans are honored, state officials give impressive speeches on television, and the holiday itself is the official day of the year.

There are numerous events linked to the Jakarta anniversary, which celebrates the date when Jakarta became the capital of Indonesia. Various events are taking place in different parts of the country, such as Jakarta, Bali, Sumatra and Borneo. Another interesting event in the Indonesian capital is a meeting of entrepreneurs and fashion designers to conclude a profitable deal. This event is held at the National Convention Center in the city of Jakarta to mark Jokowi Day.

This is an art, cultural, culinary and outdoor event that aims to strengthen the bond between the Indonesian and Japanese people. In addition, visitors will enjoy a variety of cultural events such as music, dance, art, food and music performances.

This event with national and international musicians is one of the musical highlights in Jakarta. Known locally as Jak Jazz, the Jakarta International Jazz Festival is the largest and most prestigious jazz festival in the world and takes place every October. This festival, which is organized annually by the Indonesian Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Arts and the Indonesian National Museum, presents local and global music, dance, art, handicrafts and the art of hang-gliding.

In a multi-ethnic atmosphere, cultural and social events are held, including a variety of food and drink, as well as music and dance performances. There is even a Krupuk - a food competition with local and international artists and musicians and a dance competition.

Another attraction is the dragon boat race, which takes place in the coastal district of Ancol, and traditional Betawi dishes are sold at street stalls.

Every day, the global community calls on us to change our perspective and inspires us all to be better people. It is important that the locals help the people and are known for their kindness, and we should not be afraid to ask for help. I believe in the power to see through someone else's eyes and walk in their shoes.

It takes place every September, when the time comes for the Jakarta Japan Matsuri Festival, the world's largest annual celebration of Japanese cultural heritage. The festival is being held in collaboration with the city's leading property developers, the Jakarta government and the Japanese Embassy in Jakarta.

Here you can listen to traditional folk music, enjoy dance and theatre performances by the indigenous people and explore the diverse local culture. The festival is held in Jakarta every year, and cities and districts across Indonesia also participate.

The event is known as a place for budget tourists and shows an interesting combination of local and foreign tastes. The event takes place at the Istora Senayan sports complex and will be attended by all participants. The locals are quite curious and behave so curiously as others live in foreign countries that they do not hesitate to ask questions about their lives.

If you take the initiative and tell them about yourself, you will be delighted to have the chance to touch different cultures and share your experiences with them.

If the conversation goes a little further, the locals will open up about their being, expressive, emotional and friendly. CreativeMornings Jakarta offers Empathy, a pop-up school for creative writing, which is jointly run by several young Indonesian authors. Windy says that not many people include an element of empathy in their work, so if you add a certain color to your creators "work, it will make them more communicative. It was also developed by a group of young artists, writers and artists from different parts of the country.

The program includes workshops, lectures, workshops and events at various locations in the city, such as the Tasting Room, the Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art Jakarta.

While most of the inhabitants of Indonesia's capital are Muslims, the indigenous people honor the gods of water, air and fire and the gifts they bring them. Indonesian is the official language of Jakarta, but some people also speak international English and sometimes German. This time, many internationally renowned participants will come to Jakarta, including many foreign performers. It is the biggest event in the entire region, with unknown names rarely found among the headliners.

The tradition of hospitality is so deeply rooted in people's minds that they do many things without a second thought, such as dancing, singing, dancing and dancing.

The shopping malls, especially in western Jakarta, host various events, including lion dances and barongsai (mythical dragons). This is the time of year when some of the city's most popular shopping malls, such as Tangerang Mall, offer discounts of up to 70%.

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