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Indonesian cuisine is gaining popularity again with Indonesians and there is a growing number of media and large restaurants that specialize in traditional Indonesian cuisine. The top areas are Padang (restaurant chain) in the capital Jakarta and the city of Surabaya. Traditional food is sold through local grocers called warungs and is also found in restaurants, making it popular with international travelers. Global food blogging is growing rapidly and with it the popularity of food blogs in Indonesia, especially in social media.

The Indonesian region of Borneo, which lies in the centre of maritime Southeast Asia, is also attractive.

Kembang Goela, for example, has a menu called Nasi Goreng si Pitoeng, which consists of classic "Indonesian fried rice" served with tasty fried dishes. Served with rice and red and green sambal, it is a simple street food that fills your stomach, and that may be why it is so outstanding in Jakarta. Indonesian cuisine has been similarly influenced by those who have crossed the islands in recent centuries. Filipino cuisine is steeped in history and the influence of Chinese cuisine, with noodles adapted to local tastes, customs and ingredients.

Gado Gado can provide a great light meal or snack, and you'll find it mostly in Jakarta's mobile street food carts. The best places for street food include S.P.R.D.S. (South Jakarta Street Food) and Gado Besar (East Jakarta).

Coconut-ginger rice bears a strong resemblance to the nasi lemon found in Malaysia, but the sweet soy sauce in the kecap mani is used in place of the Chinese version of fried rice that normally uses soy sauces. Betawi's makes the Nasi Uduk unique in its own right, and it's one of the highest rated places Jakarta has to get it. The cashew nut sauce of Gado Gados Boplo is sworn by Jakartans and gives the Nasi Goreng its strong spicy flavor. If you are travelling east in Indonesia, you can also get Gado-Gados at Bekan Besar Street Food Cars and other places.

There are all sorts of amazing things to eat here, from curries to deep-fried snacks like gado gados. No Jakarta food tour would be complete without a visit to Bekan Besar Street Food Cars, and you will find an absolute must-see - street food. Most local food is found when visiting Jakarta, but it seems that Indonesia has some pretty big cakes. This cake awaited our group and we were actually full and could not eat anything!

Learn more about Bekan Besar Street Food Cars and other street food in Jakarta and discover some of the best street food in the city, as well as some great restaurants and shops.

Read our full guide for more information on where to eat 50% of Indonesian cuisine in Jakarta, and see the full guide shortly. This is the first part of a two-part series on Jakarta's best street food and restaurants in the city.

The best thing about food in Jakarta is that while there are so many different types of food in the city, people come from different islands so you can discover food from all over Indonesia somewhere in Jakarta. For more information on activities in and around Jakarta, please visit the official website of Indonesian Tourism. In Indonesia, our love of cheap, good food spills over into our guide to the best restaurants, cafes, bars and restaurants in the world.

There is probably no better place to experience authentic Indonesian street food than Bendungan Hilir (popularly known as Benhil) in the city of the same name. Jakarta is divided into several districts, including the capital, the city of Jakarta itself and the provinces of West Java and Sumatra. Founded by Ayam Goreng Suharti in Yogyakarta, the fast food chain has been an offshoot of the fried chicken chain for more than 50 years and has operated several outlets since 2016.

Like many global cities today, Jakarta is home to many restaurants, each of which represents its own identity, with its own distinctive style of food, style and culture.

This is not to say that there are no better places to experience Indonesia's culinary traditions, but here too, Jakarta's nightlife should be. If you want to try street food in the evening, some vendors like Gulai Tikungan will top the list of the best street food restaurants Jakarta has to offer for one night. While Jakarta struggles with its traffic problems and many restaurants don't take food safety into account, you can keep up with the road - if you're worried about your health. Even if Jakarta is not a problem - free, it will reward you with an unforgettable meal and a smile.

With its selection of rice dishes, Nasi Kapau and Nasis Goreng Kambing is one of the things you should not miss.

Ordering Nasi Campur is a great way to try out small pieces of different Indonesian food to find out what you like best. Indonesian and Chinese settings, of course, including other variations of bakso, such as Bali bambing, Baskin-Robbins and Bektas bumbu.

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